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Review: Sushi Lunch with Kwerkee

By 15:07 ,

I just had to do this! Go for a sushi lunch. Not just any random sushi lunch, I even brought my own sushi. Wierd.. *cricketss* Really, I got these bunch of sushi bits from KWERKEE and I went for lunch with them. Didn't say I ate them though. *laughs*

So the people at the sushi place thought I was wierd and kept peering over. But it must have been one of the most ridiculous yet fun things I've done with food.. in a while. Kwerkee gave me a sushi stapler and mini sushi magnets to play around with. Remember you were always told not to play with your food, well I played with mine!

"Playing With My Sushi Lunch" - brought to you by Chocolate Cats

Lunch was at Sushi Tei featuring Salmon Sushi, California Maki and hot green tea some where in the background. DCI Stationery Sushi Stapler and Magnets are courtesy of Now wasn't that fun!

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  1. LOL didn't think of stapler. Those magnets are adorable!!


Appreciate your comments >_<