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Review: Kérastase Cristalliste -The Best Kept Secret For Long Hair!

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Oily roots, dry ends. Sounds familiar? If you're a long haired babe, you know exactly what I'm talking about. It really is a common problem. My roots starts getting oily the day after I wash it making my hair look a little flat and since the length of my hair is way past my shoulders the oils will never make it all the way down to moisturise the ends anyway.

Solution? Kérastase Cristalliste. Cristalliste  is the best kept secret for long hair prone to oily roots and dry ends. The Liquid Light Complex rebalances the hair fiber leaving roots pure and lightweight and ends smooth and free flowing with overall incredible shine.

after three step Kérastase Cristalliste

complete range of Kérastase Cristalliste

It is a three part hair care system with two types of shampoos depending on your type - fine hair or thick hair. I opted for the thick hair variant. My hair isn't exactly thick, it's coarse, so fine wouldn't be suitable at all. The Bain Cristal Thick shampoo doesn't lather up much but it does a great job at cleansing the hair. I can feel a difference even after the shampoo, my hair already felt light.

The Lait Cristal Conditioner is light with a milky texture. It's nothing heavy that might weigh down the hair. My hair felt quite soft after rinsing. Moisturised not so much.

After blotting off excess water, I applied the Lumiére Liquid essence or serum. As the name suggests, the texture is amazingly light almost water-like. I decided to blow dry my hair my hair without using any styling products. The outcome... my hair felt amazingly clean, light and airy! It gave my roots some volume without weighing it down. Dare I say it, my hair felt some what weightless. It was still all there, I checked!

I noticed however my ends looked a tad dry, which could probably be the result of  constant use of styling tools. I still needed to apply hair oils at the ends. Then there's the lack of curls reappearing after blow drying which my hair normally does. It really smoothens out the hair texture which I believe makes it straighter. Probably the bit that I didn't really fancy unless I was going for a more straighter look. But I'm guessing this would work amazingly well on babes with naturally straight hair.

I will check on the availability and price and get back to you guys ok. :)

*Product shots taken with Samsung Galaxy Camera.

*Note: Product courtesy of L'Oreal Malaysia.

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  1. I love the crazy curl you did before but you with straight hair looks like a whole new person, more serene Fatin ^_^

  2. Your hair colour is so nice here! The idea behind this range sounds really good. Something I need =/


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