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Review: AsterSpring O2 Acu Energizing Therapy

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I'm really terrible at regular facial visits. I usually go when I feel like it. Most of the time I tend to do stuff at home which is not enough. AsterSpring is one of the facial salons that I opt for when I'm in a facial mood as it's always a pleasant experience and my complexion looks fab after any treatment.

On New Year's Eve I tried out their latest treament called O2 Acu Energizing Therapy. It also include AsterSpring's latest Signature Touch massage technique performed before the treatment. I'm not which one I was looking forward to more, the massage or the treatment. The Signature Touch was launched late last year. At the launch the massage was accompanied by a choreographed dance routine, though I doubt that there was going to be any dancing going on during the session. Read more here.

complexion looking rather dull before the treatment

The O2 Acu Therapy Energizing Therapy is a 3-in-1 revitalising and replenishing treatment meant to restore cellular energy. It repairs the skin to regain smoothness, softness and recondition the uneveness of skin tone. This treatment activates the lymph to promote internal and external detoxification, increases skin immunity and preserve nerve-muscle functions. The oxygen itself provides energy to skin cells, promotes tissue healing and regulates healthy skin functions to strengthen cells membrane. It recharges tired skin!

Before the therapist started the treatment after cleansed skin, I was treated to 25 minutes of the Signature Touch massage which combines three types of hand movements to promote circulation, drainage and relaxation. The therapist uses her fingers, palms and forearms to massage the face, neck and shoulders. Gosh I think I as dozing off 10 minutes into the massage. Bliss!

I was left with the steamer on for abit to open up my pores and soften the skin to ready it for extraction. My therapist, Nini was amazingly good at it that I hardly felt anything. The treatment included three different types of masks. The first one was a cooling gel mask which promotes blood circulation. The second was a very interesting one. I was wondering why something smelled so yummy until Nini explained she was going to apply an oatmeal mask, non-edible by the way. It went on thick and warm unlike the earlier one. The oatmeal mask is meant to repair the skin.

After the oatmeal mask was done, Nini brought in the Oxygen Machine. It pumps oxygen into the skin via a small device. This treatment is meant to revitalise the skin. The oxygen will attach to the collagen and elastin molecule making the fibers stronger giving you a firmer, more supple skin. The possibility of experiencing youth again. I didn't experience any sort of discomfort during this treatment, there was only the sound of oxygen being dispensed from the device.

The final mask was another oatmeal mask to rejuvenate the skin and improve blood circulation. I could really get use the oatmeal mask. *sigh* After my skin was finally clean, I could actually feel that it was more fresh and awake. The session ended with more massage. Pampering at its best. 

I was well pleased when I saw my complexion after. It looked loads brighter, cleaner and felt supple, smooth and dare I say it a tad younger. *laughs* I really enjoyed this particular facial, not only for the massage but also the results. I met up with a friend day after the facial and the first thing she said was my skin looked glowing! Now if only I could do it regularly. *sigh*

AsterSpring O2 Acu Energizing Therapy RM388 for 105 mins. For a list of services at AsterSpring go to and also follow them on facebook.

*Note: AsterSpring o2 Acu Energizing Treatment is courtesy of AsterSpring for attendees of the Signature Touch launch.

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  1. Haaai :D I'm lynn and i wanted to try asterspring service so bad too, so I was wondering which branch did you go ? And is it always RM 388 for one session ? :o thank you in advance ! :D :D


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