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Fuuvi PICK Mini Digital Camera From Kwerkee - Fashionably Cute!

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Every time I whipped out this cute mini camera I get curious stares and I also got asked where I got it from! Great conversations starters too. It's actually a Pick Mini Digital Camera which you can get from There's loads of quirky (hence the name), cool and random things you can get from Kwerkee and this must be one of the really fun ones to play with. What makes it even more fun is that there's no view finder so you might end up with a collection of random photos. That's what happened to me when I was trying to figure out how to use it. It was ridiculously funny!

Pick Mini Digital Camera is a 2 megapixel camera that also shoot movies and is a USB flash drive all in one! Seriously cool! All you have to do is switch it on, select a function, which is tiny bit tricky at first, either snap a photo or shoot a movie, plug it into any device with a usb port and you can view your artsy takes and do a quick transfer. It has a built in lithium battery so it recharges through your computer/laptop/device which is really convenient. It runs up to 70 minutes fully charged. You would need a MicroSD card for this mini camera. 

japanese instructions that I don't understand :P

The lack of view finder is a bit of a challenge but it makes it all the more fun to see how your photos and movies turn out. I ended up quite a few headless, out of frame shots and recording while the lens is pointing to my face while I was trying to figure out how to use it. It was hilarious but I did get a hang of it after a while. Photos come out looking very retro, some turn out animation like and others artsy. I suppose you could use it as a spy cam but that might be a tad difficult as it might not come out too clear. :P

If you do decide to get this cute mini camera, which would make great gifts I'm going to save you some time and fewer out of frames shots by sharing with you guys how it operates. Even then it needs some experimenting, which is the fun part! Make sure the SD card is already slotted in otherwise there will be nothing stored in there. *laughs* 
  • Turn the camera on. Red LED light appears non blinking.
  • Photo mode: Press one time on the shutter button. Red light will blink once.
  • Video mode: Press and hold the shutter button until red LED light starts to blink. Press and hold until the red LED light becomes non blinking again to turn off recording.
You can get this camera when the promotion comes about again from KWERKEE.COM. If don't see this cute one there, trust me you'll find loads of other gadgets, accessories, jewellery and super cool stuff that you' want to get. Fuuvi Pick Mini Digital Camera comes in a variety of colours and retails about RM200+ on kwerkee.

I have a few more photos to upload so check back if you guys are curious to see how those turn out. :)

*Note: Fuuvi Pick Mini Digital Camera is courtesy of KWERKEE.COM.

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  1. love the color!!!! plus, the snap of the cat is so so so cute! this camera definitely good for random shots.. =D

  2. wow...cartoon pics.. i thought u edited it on adobe! ahahaha the video is not bad, i haven't tried recording yet.

    Now u can spy cute guys drinking coffee... in klcc!

  3. jean: i only wish i could see what i was snapping. i'll tell the cat you said he's cute. lol

    tammy: what?? no! lol the video looks clearer than the photos some how. surprising!

    isabel: definitely cute!

  4. This is really really cute..I might just get one. Thank you for sharing. And the kitty cat there looks like one of my cat which passed away few years back..

  5. Sycookies: it's definitely cute! sorry to hear about your cat.. perhaps it's time to adopt a new one? :)


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